Numbers 1 to 10

 Ten Activities       

 There are 10 engaging activities designed to help your child learn the numbers 1 to 10


 Easy Navigation

 Quickly navigate between the 10 activities and the scores page                                                                                              by tapping on the star button on the Home Page

 Ten Activities       

 There are six engaging activities designed to help your toddler                                                                                      rapidly recognise the numbers' shapes and sounds

 Simple Interface

 The minimalist design presents a distraction-free experience                                                                                              for your young children to learn the numbers 1-10

Number Groups

Each activity groups the numbers into 4 sections to help your child learn the numbers in smaller groups at their own pace before engaging in a timed game with recorded scores

Create A User

Each child is able to create his/her own personalised account in which to play the activities


Awards Page

This page is available for individual users to record and view their scores for each activity

Available in English
for iPad


 No in-app purchases or adverts, no internet access is required                                                                                            and data is saved locally on the device


 The app functions in landscape orientation