Make 20 for iPad                                       

Do you want to better maths grades for your kids or students? 


Make 20 maths app for iPad is a phenomenal maths skills building app designed to make math operations, in addition and substation, more easily understood to children. Ideal for children 4/5+. Teachers, math tutors, and parents take notice - this app is the best way to teach children math fundamentals!

This amazing math skills exercise app has been professionally developed and expertly designed to bring math to children in a way that will help inspire them to a greater understanding of addition and subtraction! 

The basic idea is based on the idea that a player will add or subtract numbers to equal the target number at the top of the page. The colorful number grid offers multiple possible numbers that can be chosen that can be added or subtracted together.

** For example "Make 12", could be "4+3+2+3" or "8+4" or "6+4+2" 
** For example "From 13 Make 6", could be "13-3-4" or "13-2-2-3" 

Though advancing from one level to another does not require a perfect score, when encouraged by a parent or tutor to complete each level with 100% accuracy before moving on the child will develop exponentially higher math skills. 

Make 20 Features:
• Math app
• 10 math building levels
• Excellent kids learning app
• 1000’s of math problems to work out
• Professionally developed educational app
Parent, teacher, and tutor helper add and track progress
• Multiple students can be added to the app with their own reports/stats

• Expertly designed to increase children’s basic math skills and understanding
• The numbers and operations are clearly displayed with the target number at the top
• The interface is easy to use and is distraction-free for children using the app as an educational tool.
• This app does NOT offer any in-app purchases or adverts.

This game is highly addictive and can be used both recreationally by adults and by students seeking to improve their mental math skills.

*** Maths doesn’t have to be confusing to kids!! ***