"Everybody in this world should learn how to code, because it teaches you how to think"                                                                                                                                                                              --- Steve Jobs

Our Programme

We offer coding programmes for 9 years old and older for three terms every year. The Autumn term commences from (September - December), Winter (January - March) and Spring (April - July). In addition, we offer Coding Boot Camp during the school holidays. 

Our current timetable: AUTUMN 2016

Saturday Classes:    From 10th September 2016 - 10th December 2016 (13 weeks)
Stanmore College
                                                    Elm Park
                                                HA7 4BQ
                                                    Time: 9:15 am - 10:15 am

Tuesday Classes:      From 13th September 2016 - 10th December 2016 (13 weeks)
                                          Bright Young Things Harrow Tuition Centre
                     219 Kenton Lane
                     HA3 8RP

                           Time: 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Future Classes: TBD


Monthly cost - £50

Contact Us

Please contact Gerard, to book or for more information:

Phone: 07767300940                                           

Email Address: coding@discog.co.uk

Programme Highlight for ages 9 - 14

The weekly coding programme is a beginners course, taking children who are unfamiliar with, or have a limited knowledge of programming and teaches them the basics of coding, electronics and design in a fun environment where they will be encouraged to work independently and within small groups.

*  Introduction to the Raspberry Pi 3, how to setup the credit card size computer.

*  Introduction to Computer Programming and the Python Programming language. 

*  Introduction to the Python Integrated Development Learning Environment (IDLE).

*  Introduction to concepts such as input, output, variables, sequences & algorithms, loops, conditional expressions and function.

*  Introduction to Python Turtle to draw in the form of Digital Art.

*  Introduction to integrate Pi with electronic circuits and write codes to control them.

* Basic concepts in mathematics and programming, such as time, random numbers etc...

* Learn how to debug and fix logical and syntax errors.

* And much more..

This hands-on approach will introduce your child to the modern world through bite-size sessions where they will spend most of their time coding, and working on small projects. Our step-by-step explanations will have each student learning computational concepts from the outset, while visual and game-oriented examples will hold their attention. 

By the end of the term our students will have a good introduction to programming, will be able to move around the Python environment, fix bugs and be confident in writing computer instructions to instruct the computer to solve a problem.

Most importantly they will discover the importance of taking time to understand the problem first, then break large problems into small pieces and become competent in translating instructions into code that Pi could understand.

Programme Highlight for GCSE and A-Levels

Covering Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 curriculum. 

Please get in touch for further information and for details about the pricing structure.

Programme Highlight for Adult Learners

Please get in touch for further information and for details about the pricing structure.

 The Computer Revolution has just begun! 


What is Programming?

Programming is the process of writing an ordered set of steps that are able to command a computer to solve a problem or do things!!

And why is it important?

We are living in a world dominated by technology, understand hardware and software is now as important as reading and writing; your child will benefit from the new skills to survive in the 21st Century.

                                               We teach children to code!