Alphabet App

Take the first step to help your child master the letters of the alphabet

 Easy Navigation

 Quickly navigate between the 6 activities from the Home Page

 Six Activities       

 There are 6 engaging activities designed to help your toddler                                                                                        rapidly recognise the letters' shapes and sounds

 Simple Interface

 The minimalist design presents a distraction-free experience                                                                                              for young children to learn the alphabet on your iPad



 Available in 5 languages for iPad 

 These apps may be used to introduce your child to a secondary                                                                                  modern foreign language


             English                            Italian                           Spanish                          French                       Portuguese
          (& iPhone)


 No in-app purchases or adverts, no internet access is required                                                                                            and data is saved locally on the device


 The app functions in both portrait and landscape orientation