Memory Teaser for iPad                             


Memory Teaser is a simple yet extremely addictive game, which will help improve your memory. The game is very easy to play, simple watch the sequence of colourful lights blink and try to repeat the pattern. The sequence will get longer with each level. This is a great app for all ages.


Features include:
- Boost your memory by watching and repeating the sequences. 
- Train your memory at your own pace.
- There are 3 modes (4 colours, 6 colours and 9 colours) to choose from.
- Each mode has 25 levels.
- Increase or decrease the time that the lights blink from 0.1 - 6 seconds.
- Replay the same level at various time intervals.
- Compare your progress with other players.
- Add multiple players.
- Visual clues to help if you get stuck.